Saturday, December 29, 2012

At The End Of The Year

I just realized that I haven't really write in this blog for a long time. I'd been too busy with everything. I'd been busy with my undergraduate thesis, my tasks, my nonacademic activities, my family, and everything else. I had been busy juggling things, trying to do everything at once.

By the way, I have finally finished my undergraduate thesis, the one that I'd been doing everyday, even on the weekend and holiday, for the last 4 months. The one that got me frustrated sometimes - not because of itself, but because I had to re-prioritize and put something else aside to be able to finish it on time. Yet the one that I really love doing:

It's not over yet, actually. I still have a comprehensive examination at January 3rd, before I officially become an S.Psi. It is frightening for me, because I always have the fear that I have done something wrong, something stupid, and will do it again while answering the questions given. It happened before in comprehensive exam for KAUP and Pelatihan II, though in the end I know that it's just a stupid anxiety. But still, I will be doing this alone for the straight two hours, and no one will be able to help me answer the question. After all, it is my own research, my own effort (yet with a little help from a lot of people), my own undergraduate thesis.

So my resolution for 2013 is pretty simple: To get out of the comfort zone that I found extremely comfort and lovely. To graduate. To get a job. To be out there, in the real world. To be independent, financially, from my parents; at least until I decided to continue study at the profession program. To be way more mature, because after this, no one will give a damn if I'm 3 years younger than my peers. 

It is actually hard to leave this placed I called a second home. To leave the routine that I've been doing for the last 3 years. To leave all of the people inside that gave another color to my life, like these kind of people: 

It just feels so hard to leave the place where I always feel belong there. It is daunting to imagine, yet very exciting to know that I'm going to try something new.

So dear Allah, here I am, praying. Asking You to make everything fine, as usual. Thank You so much for this year - for the strength You gave me. I know I can't do this without your blessing. Thank You for always making me blessed - more that what I actually deserve to. Thank you for always, always answering my prayer. Please don't get tired of listening and granting.


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