Tuesday, January 3, 2017

What 2016 was About

I don't really celebrate new years, but I do take them as a chance to pause and think about the things that I have done for the last 12 months. My 2016 was not as amazing as 2015 (when I had the chance to live independently and away from my comfort zone), but it's still a good year for me.

My 2016 was about coming home.

It was the year I learned to appreciate the presence of those who will always support and love me, even when I'm not so lovable. 

It was the year I found out what it was like to return home realizing that everything stays the same when we're the only one who's changing.

My 2016 was about pursuing my dreams.

It was the year when I started working for an inspiring, prominent minister for 6 months, being surrounded with people with great minds and hearts. The year I stepped out of my comfort zone once more, doing a job I never thought I'd do.

It was also the year I left something I enjoy doing to do something that's even better. The year I realized that it's a meaningful life that I'm after, and even if I have to spend 2 and a half years working my ass off to achieve that, so be it.

My 2016 was about honesty and acceptance.

It was the year I really learned to be assertive and to stand up for myself, to really start embracing all the things I feel proud of myself. It was also the year I learned to accept my flaws. It's the year I started to love the ambitious, anxious, awkward being that I am.

It was the year I granted myself a pat on the back and appreciated the fact that I've come a long way. The year I noticed that I'm not really the same person I was a few years ago. The year I learned that not all friends I have are meant to stay forever. To grow apart is inevitable sometimes, and that's okay.

It was also the year I started writing in a journal again, admitting things I never had the courage to before. The year I stopped being so pretentious, even to myself. The year I listed all the things that I fear the most. Because everything that's shareable is indeed bearable, I believe.

A glimpse of my 2016

My 2016 was about discovery.

It was the year I met new significant friends and new role models. The year I discovered another comfort zone, and saying goodbye just to find another one. The year I traveled a lot, both for business and leisure. The year I found some awe-inspiring books, despite reading 8 books less than the Goodreads goal.

My 2016, however, was not always sunshine and roses.

It was the year I started questioning my life decision. The year I asked repeatedly to myself if I'm after the right thing. The year I kept ruminating about my life. The year I regretted my decision to not disclose something that I felt, that could probably lead to something good. It was also the year I stopped wanting to grow older. The year I wanted the time to slow down a bit, for the first time in a very long time. 

Be that as it may, I learned a lot last year. I changed a little, and I hope for the better.

My 2016, therefore, was about growing up. 

I hope I won't stop growing this year and the next. I hope I could be even happier, by feeling grateful even for tiny little things that I'd encounter. The academic life this year will be tougher than the last, as I was told, so I do hope I'll be even tougher to face it. I hope I'd always remember what I'm doing it for. 

I hope last year did you well, too, and so will this one.


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