Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Another resolution

This year is an impactful year for me. I've grown a lot from a year ago, I think.

It was all started when I finished my final project, my undergraduate thesis, in January. The last thing that will determine my graduation, as well as my grades. During that moment, I was all sad and excited. I was afraid to leave the place, the atmosphere, and the people I love.

I was also afraid to leave everything behind, and to start over. To start anew. Yet weeks beforehand, I had already been busy sending my resume to a few schools. Even though I felt really insecure about leaving university, I was also very excited to explore a new world, and to find a new comfort zone, although I know it will not be easy.

I then fell in love with a new world. A world of teaching special need students. Something that had never come to my mind even a year ago, yet now it has become something that I really love. I love how challenging it is, and how rewarding and fulfilling it feels.

Last year, I was so sure to continue my master's degree in 2013, and this year, I've learned about "delaying gratification". It's okay to have your goal postponed, if by delaying it you can do something that matters and will help you to attain your goal - at least that is what I had been telling myself to help me sleep at night. It's for the greater good.

This year, I've also learned about how to work with varied colleagues. Some I respect so much, although some has characteristics that I'm not really fond of.

And that's how I learned about adjustment and tolerance.

I wrote three major-to-do-list on my 2013 journal: Graduate in 3.5 year with GPA higher than 3.5, get a job that I am passionate about and live independently (financially), and continue a master's degree in Child Clinical Psychology Professional Degree. I've only accomplished two out of three, but I hope it no longer matters, because I have learned A LOT about special needs students and how to treat them right, and I've jumped to a conclusion that my knowledge is still limited. I do want to explore more.

And that's why, I have to go back to school next year. I really hope I can do it overseas, but going back to the university that always feels like home to me is also okay.

Pursuing further degree is going to be my major 2014 resolution, among other things, like learning how to swim and how to drive a car. I do not know whether there will be any surprises later, but I do wish my plan will no longer be postponed. Unleash He really has a way better plan for me.

Oh! I also want to continue my diet plan, and read more by spending less time on games and TV series. If that's possible.

Thank you for the wonderful year.

I hope 2014 will be my year, which can brings me closer to my dreams. And hopefully yours, too.


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