Sunday, November 3, 2013

To Be Twenty

I never take birthdays as a big deal. So does my family. My parents told me and my siblings that birthdays are only reminders that we are getting older, and that we get less days to live. We got presents, kisses, and birthday wishes, but never a cake with candles to blow - let alone a party.

However, this year, although I didn't celebrate it, I felt relieved and thankful for finally being twenty. For finally leaving the teen age.

I've been acting like I'm in my twenties since one or two years ago, because that's just required for me to "survive". So really, age is actually just a number for me. But to not get the "how come you're still nineteen" anymore is absolutely a big deal for me. Despite of all the challenges, I always want to be an adult, and be seen as one.

Welcome to the beginning of your young adulthood, Ayas. Just fasten your seat belt, drive with the proper pace, and enjoy the ride. Don't forget to look at the signs from The Guide and aware of the traffic lights. There might be a lot of fascinating destinations that intrigues you along the way, and there might be plenty of things that you want to do. Just make sure you know which one to pick. Do not be lost, over and over again.

Things will definetely get rougher. Just be sure that you are way tougher.

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