Wednesday, August 11, 2010

To Be Surprised

I am a pretty-well-planned person. I always google the TransJakarta route before going somewhere by it. I have a schedule book so I can write down my monthly plan on it (because I’m aware that I’m a forgetful person). I planned to take an internship or job at this holiday so I don't seem that useless (by watching DVDs / playing games / browsing & chatting / reading novels all day long). I plan my college-schedule with my best mates, so we could always be together. We choose which courses we want to take, and which class of those courses we want to take. For this term, we planned not to choose courses on Friday, so we will always have a long weekend for at least the next six months. I plan to take professional degree as soon as I finish my bachelor’s degree, so I can be a psychologist (either a child one or a clinical one – I’m not sure yet). I even plan to have a husband that similar to my dad (well, who doesn’t?). That kind, that sweet, that perfect.

But, eventually, some of my plans don’t work out as well as it planned to be.

I sometimes forget to write down my monthly plan on the schedule book. Or sometimes I have two/three plans a day and I can’t write all of them because the space is too tiny. I ended up doing nothing at this holiday. I still go to my college at least three times a week to have some so-called meetings, of course, but because I can’t earn money from that, that doesn’t count. But, as the holiday is almost ended (which is right now), my firstreader mates told me that we have another chance! Yes, we have another chance to be GagasMedia’s firstreader, which means that we have another chance to read a looooot of manuscripts, and earn some money (ahem, money!). I didn’t get two courses I want to take (Sexual Behavior Psychology and Family Education), because everyone wants to take them and the website we use for the online-registration is down and keep showing ‘500 Internal Server Error’ for minutes (yes, even a minute is matter if you want to get all the courses you want). Because I didn't get them, I only get 20 credits (while I could take 24 credits). Yaps, unlike the plan, I can't have a long holiday every week. I even can’t take the same Research Methodology and Statistics class as Anis, Ita, Icca, Ekki, and Ryan’s. The only person I know who is also in that class is Posma – and thank God I still have him. This whole online-registration thing is so frustrating and makes us furious. What? You don’t believe that? Go check me and my friends’ twitter account, and see how furious we were yesterday. I don’t know about my last two plans I wrote before, obviously, but I hope I still can get a super-husband, and be a successful psychologist, mom, and wife. Doesn’t that sound perfect and lovely?

And I learned that sometimes we cannot get everything we want. Man proposes, God disposes – that’s what my mom said. Sometimes, His plan is different than ours. And here’s the cool fact: though His plan is not always the same as ours, His is always better!

That’s why I like this quote so much:

“Instead of telling our young people to plan ahead, we should tell them to plan to be surprised.”
-As heard in one of my favorite movie, Dan In Real Life.

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