Thursday, September 25, 2014

A Week After

It's been a week since my arrival in York. Not exactly a week, but I'm afraid I won't have time to write anymore. My new room is still a mess, with my clothes and luggage lying on the floor. Packing and unpacking are not my favorite thing, I guess.

My body's adapting really well, surprisingly. I don't experience jet lag at all, and it's starting to get used to the cold weather.

York is an old, mesmerizing city. It's quiet and it feels like home. It's serene and soothing. There's no traffic jam, no people walking fast to catch the train and bus, and no sound of horns. Most of the shops are even closed at 5! For a person who is tired of living in a populous, polluted city like Jakarta, falling in love with York is easy.

The City Center

The York Minster
The Clifford's Tower

Through connection from my friend and landlord (and fate, too, I guess), I met two nice Indonesian friends who got along really well with me. We go together practically everyday. These two people make York feels homier, and they help me not to (literally) get lost. 

With those who made it easier, Elsye and Fikri

Indonesian UoY Freshers 2014
My courses haven't started yet, so I go to city almost everyday to shop and to explore the city. As It's getting very cold here, I decided to buy some warming-equipment before it's too late. A proper knitwear, boots, duvet, and gloves. I haven't bought any coat for winter, but I guess I can do it later after I receive my monthly allowance.

Shopping Day

So far, the adjusting period is not as hard as I think. I know I need to be more independent, though. I tried to go home by myself from the city center once. But then I met a nice, young couple from Malaysia who lives just a couple of house away from mine, so it doesn't really count. But soon enough, I'll get used it, I promise.

I hope I'll be as happy for the rest of the year, regardless of the challenges that I might face (and subdue, hopefully). And I hope I will meet a lot of new friends from all over the world and have a close relationship with them as well. I'm immensely excited.


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