Sunday, March 22, 2015

The Abundance of John Green

I used to be a keen reader. I read the fifth book of Harry Potter (I still remember that the translated version I read was exactly 1200 pages) in less than 3 days when I was 10 years old! But now I can't even finish a 200-pages book in a day.

So I listed "read more books" as one of last year's resolutions and bought myself a pink Kobo Glo because I like reading e-books, even though I do miss the smell of a new book, sometimes. And so I started to read again, even though I realized I didn't feel as excited as I was back then. I also began to read non-fiction books, after I ensure that it will still be a light read.

A good book, for me, is the one that can relate to anyone who reads it. If it's a fiction, it will make me feel that at least one character from the book is me. The plot and the story could be very un-relatable, it's the thought and that matters.

That's probably why I like John Green. I have read Will Grayson, Will Grayson and The Fault in Our Stars, just finished The Abundance of Katherines, and currently on Paper Towns.

And of course, Looking for Alaska is on my to-read list.

His novels are quite typical. Young adult novels with a geeky main character who has only one or two best friends, which is embellished with fancy words and deep, quotable sentences. When the characters fall in love, John will make sure that the readers fall in love as well. So he will use sentences like "the smile could end wars and cure cancer" or "if people were rain, I was drizzle and she was hurricane."

I don't really like young adult stories because it's just too young, but John Green's are exceptions. or me, plots are not as important as words and sentences. So yes, even though plenty of Goodreads user thought The Abundance of Katherines is a boring book, I still relish it because it was vastly relatable and thought-provoking as well.

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I do wonder if a person could really love someone just the way they are. I worry a lot, and I ponder a lot. Like Colin Singleton, I often have negative thoughts about myself, and I repeatedly imagine the worst possibilities of how another person would think of me. I do have questions about myself that I can't answer nor ask to anyone else. I do also push myself to be able to do something remarkable, because being in the middle of a bell shape is not fulfilling enough. But unlike a fictional character, there is no happy ending that is going to happen in just a few more pages. So just hang in there.

Well said, Colin. (Source: Weheartit)

Anyway, I don't only adore his novels, actually, but also the thoughts, passion, and broad knowledge of John Green and his brother Hank; as seen in their vlogs and Crash Course videos. How brilliant are the Green Brothers!

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