Saturday, August 6, 2011

About The Word 'Happy'

Every one has their own meaning of 'happiness'. It's indeed subjective. For me, happiness is simply something I feel after doing something good; doing something that has many benefits for others or something not easy that makes me doubted my self in the first place. It's what I feel after doing something I'm good at, or something I really love, or just something, with people I love.

That's why I feel so happy about today. Today was the first day of Kamaba activity. We held a briefing for the freshmen to give them informations about the rules and so. The briefing is not a really hard thing to do to be proud of, actually, but it just went really good - way beyond my expectation. Everyone's just so easy and fun to work with, despite of all the imperfections.

But, to be honest, I felt happy not only after the event. I felt happy earlier, at the rehearsal. I felt happy seeing the preparation. I felt happy seeing everyone wearing our yellow jacket. I felt happy because it feels familiar. It reminds me of how I loved being on the comittee last year. It reminds me how I enjoyed every process of it, every regular meetings and even some sudden ones, every thing.

It makes me realize that no matter how fed-up I am with the routinity - no matter how often I say about needing a break,  I actually am still enjoying this.  I even enjoy the 12-hours meeting I attended until 2 am. You can laugh or see me as a freak, but I learned much from every single meeting. And that makes me happy even more.

And here's another thing that adds my happiness: I still could recite 1 juz of Quran today. It's like having my mom whispered on my head, "See? You can still do it no matter how busy you are, as long as you have the willingness." I really want to be more balance, so this might be a good start. Bismillah.

I know that the journey of this event is still so long. We still got PSAF and Prosesi to do. But I'm willing to do my best for this, especially because it might be one of my last contribution at psychology; I might not do this things anymore next year because I have to focus more about my academic thingy - since I will graduate soon (I cannot believe I wrote that!). So, no more complaining, I promise.

I will just pray that everything's gonna be as perfect as it planned to be. And take a good rest because today was really tiring. 

Have a good rest, too. And do more things that make you happy! :) 
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