Saturday, October 1, 2011

Friends, Personally & Professionally

I got a lesson from my recent activities, that I concluded when I was having a quality time slash truth time slash casual discussion with Ica, Ume, Ratih, Imbi, and Lunardi. The lesson is that eventhough we have to seperate our professional and personal life, we cannot really seperate them. Maybe it's subjective, but that's how I honestly think. I cannot forgive those who are my friends yet stabbing me in the name of professionality, so I won't do that either.

Some people can be your friend but cannot work with you professionally. But there are also some that you cannot even stay friends with after working with them professionally. They might be the one that working so hard without caring anymore.

I will never be like them, I promise. My friend is still my friend, eventhough they are also my opponent, professionally. But the idea of hurting them professionally is just stupid. It would just ruin our friendship, and I'll got no one when my work is done.

My point is, never hurt your friend, even by saying "That's different. This is professional, not personal. He's still my friend, yet I have to punish him because of professional matters." Never do that, because a good friend is worth more than anything. A good friend will make you much better when you got a problem. They will make everything easier. You sure don't want to lose them. Well, if you had one. Whoops.
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