Friday, June 15, 2012

A Love Letter For A Friend


Dear, Clarissa.

A few times ago, when I was so busy writing love letters for BEM members, you asked me to write one for you. I never really got the time and maybe I forgot about that when I did. And now that you're in the middle of nowhere at your birthday, I suppose that this is the least that I can get you for your birthday. Because collage and videos are just too mainstream, right?

Well, first of all, I want to congratulate you for officially being an adult - as Papalia, Olds, and Feldman said. God, you're old! Hihi.

I know it's probably everyone else's wishes for you, but I do hope that you will meet a guy who you love and who loves you back anytime soon. I do hope you will meet a right guy - an intelligent guy who is not afraid to be with a smart girl like you. A guy who can make you a better person. A guy who is not drinking nor smoking (yes, it's really important - you can't argue with me!). A guy who loves his God - the same God like yours, of course (ha!). A guy who won't give up easily on you. A guy who is destined to be with you. A decent guy who has a great personality yet can't pick the right jeans nor shoes to wear - so then you will really learn that clothes don't matter. A guy who knows every flaws you have, and still want to be with you anyway. A guy who is not perfect, but is perfect for you.

And then I hope you will also give me the same kind of prayer..... Haha.
You know I take you as you are, but I do hope that you can be a lot more positive and can easily swallow your pride when it's about important matters.

I also wish that you can be a lot tougher than you already are. You know you always have me when you need a friend to talk to, a shoulder to cry on, or just a person that you can yell at and won't be angry or anything. We'll always have each other.

Thank you for being one of my very best friend. Thank you for always telling me the truth, even if sometimes I don't like it or can't face it. Thank you for standing by me. Thank you for being a good friend for me, and a good academic and nonacademic partner as well. Thank you for being an older sister of mine sometimes. Thank you for showing me another part of this world that I've never known before. Thank you for being the only person who ever said that I was the most mature 16 year old girl that you've ever known, whilst everyone else used to say that I'm super childish, or that I act like a last child or an only child. Thank you for always, always being on my side.

I do hope that we will still be best friends for a loooong time, and that we can finish our undergraduate thesis by the end of this year, graduate together and sit next to each other on the 'cum laude' chairs one or two months after, and be on the professional psychology program next year and also graduate together. And then maybe we will go on with our own lives, and meet again a few years later, practice on our own clinic. You will be in charge for the adults, and I'm gonna handle the children. And we also will make play dates for our children. Oh, and we're gonna be the greatest parent ever, by the way.

I know you will be a somebody someday. You have dreams, and I know someday you will catch them all. Maybe not in the way that you exactly want, but you will do amazing things. You will be amazing.

Oh! And I have another wish for you. That It will really happen soon:

Go have fun in Kalimantan! You will be a much better person if we meet again next month, but please don't change so much, hihi. You will do great there!

Happy birthday again, Clar.

I love you! :-D
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