Monday, May 19, 2014

About A Secret

Early in the morning, after being absent for a week:

Amree: "Ibu Ayas... I have a secret!"
Ayas: "Ya? What's that?"
Amree: "Nothing!"

Amree: "Ibu Ayas, Ibu Alitta and Ibu Hana have a secret!"
Ayas: "What secret?"
Alitta: "What are you talking about, Amree?"

Shakira: "Ibu Ayas, I draw you!"
Ayas: "Where?"
Shakira: "At school."
Ayas: "I mean, where is the drawing? Can I see it?"
Nicole: "Shakira.... you cannot tell!!"

I guess I know what it is all about. The fact that they're preparing a parting gift saddens me. I mean, it's getting real. I'm excited to know that I'm going to pursue my dream, but leaving them will not be easy. They have become a significant part of my life. I'm sure I will miss them deeply - my favorite students and colleagues.

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