Sunday, October 31, 2010

Yes, This Is What We Always Do

You know what we do when we're desperate or upset about something? When we feel really sad but we can't share it with anyone, even if she/he is our best friend, because we think it might not be appropriate? Or when we think our problem is too complicated (or even too simple) to be understood by another person? Or when we already knew that this is our own fault, so telling people, even if they love us so much, is just gonna make we feel worse because of the judgments we will get?

Well, here's what we do. We put smiley face on that so called social networks. We still can cheer up our friends who need to be cheered without letting them know that we also need someone who supports us and tells us that everything's gonna be okay. We lock ourselves in our room and cry, and wipe our tears as soon as our parents or siblings call out our name. We don't want them to know that we're sad. We write down something in our blog or anything about our feeling, but without letting other people know about why we feel this way. We turn our iPod on and listen to our favorite songs with the loudest volume, so we can't hear anything but the music.
We try to sleep and forget our problems.

And, the next morning, though we still can't forget the problem at all, we forget the sad-feeling we felt the last night. We just feel too happy and excited to face the new day. We meet our friends and have fun with them. And when in our lecturer tell us to share our problems with our partner, we can't even remember what our problems are. We just know that we're happy and we can manage everything. And, yes, we're known as the cheerful person, who always know how to make people laugh and know how to make people feel better.

And by we, I mean me.
Or maybe you, or anyone who ever felt this way.
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