Wednesday, February 22, 2012

To Be Stronger

So this is how it feels, being a sixth-semester student. So this is how it feels to take KAUP (Psychological Test Construction), a course that is pretty popular amongst psychology students - of course not in a good way. I never thought the sixth semester will be this hard, but here I am, surrounded by stacking tasks - when it's only the second week of the term.

The BEM thingy is pretty time consuming too, since we, PSDM, got a lot to do at the beginning of BEM. And since the academic and non-academic tasks are plenty, I found it really hard to be balance and be great at both. I feel tired all the time, and I have no time to watch any of my favorite tv series so far. 

But it wasn't so bad, actually. I enjoy studying Psikologi Keluarga (Family Psychology), and I think I will be enjoying Teori Emosi (Emotion: Theory & Social Application) and Perkembangan Anak Usia Dini (Early Childhood Development) as well. To be honest, despite of the fact that finding literatures is superhard, I've been enjoying KAUP - because I actually found it's exciting to do research. The only problem here is time - If I got more than 30 hours a day, maybe I'd be more thankful about my current life. Maybe I'd think that it's perfect.

Doing BEM-related job is also getting easier because I got a great team that consists of some people who are really fun to work with and really helpful, the one that named Beringas.

I know that I feel extremely tired - but I love what I do. It's weird, but it's true.  Allah said that after every difficulty, there is relief, anyway - so I think I just have to wait until the hard part is over - or until I become stronger that I won't feel that this is hard anymore. 

I just need more power, especially when I want to do a lot more - to develop myself, to enlarge the circle, and to do something new. 
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