Wednesday, August 1, 2012

To Be Around The Kids

It's almost my third week of internship in Cikal, a school with IB curriculum. It's pretty different from what I imagined earlier, actually, because I have to be with year three kids, not with the kindergarten or pre-kindy kids. I don't get a lot of responsibilities either. I just have to help decorating the classroom, observe the kids in year 3A, help them with their worksheet when they can't do it or don't know the english for some words they want to write, accompany them during the library visit or PE time, and stay with them when their parents or drivers haven't picked them up yet.

Anyway, I really enjoy my internship. I actually don't like the way that I treated at first, but I really enjoy observing children, so I guess that's fine by me. After doing the internship, there is one thing that I can conclude: I really, really looooove being around children. Well, especially the one who talks english because it just sounds really cute. These kids are also pretty smart and think critically, because that's how they taught since they were in year one. They are lovely.

Today, a kid asked me about the ID that I wore that said 'intern'.

"Miss, intern itu apa?"

"In bahasa Indonesia, it means 'magang'. Have you ever heard of that word?'"


"Well, Um... It means I'm not actually working here. I'm still learning. I'm just gonna be here for like a month."

The kid looked shocked and yell, "just for a month? Why???"

"Because i have to go back to study," I said.

Then another kid comes all of the sudden and hugged me tight.

"Noooo! Don't go!"

I just smiled and said nothing, because I really didn't know what to say to them. It's pretty complicated, I guess.

Then she asked me, "Miss masih sekolah?"

"Aku kuliah"

"Really? But you look like a grown-up!"

"Yeah? Well, It's actually my last year, so I will work soon."

"Will you work here?"

"Yesss, please work here miss!"

I'm really touched, and I can't handle it anymore. I really really want to work here. I know how much I love children and I know I can teach them. I know it's going to be an amazing thing to do. It will also help me to be a better parent in the future, right? Hihi

But let's see, I can't just work here for a year. I won't get the whole experience if I did. But If I worked here for too long, I'm afraid that I will forget my dream, to be a child psychologist. To help kids and their parents with their problems. To build the family clinic of my own, the super-cool one like I saw in some movies.

And I suddenly have no idea about what to do after I graduate. I know one thing for sure: I do want to work with kids. I want to make them grow up better. I want to help them to be a grown-up with a good quality in the future.

I know that I want to be around children all the time, but I still don't know which setting will I choose: a school, or a clinic. I like talking with one kid at a time, listening to their story and trying to understand their point of view - but I also like to talk with a bunch of kinds and see the way they interact with each other. It's a whole different experience. 

I guess I'm in doubt again. I'm just gonna wait for another sign, I guess.

Up date: I looked up Cikal's website and found out that they need some school psychologist, and they are required to be child-clinical psychologists, not some educational one like I thought before. So, I guess that was the sign for me, to stick with my plan - to be a child psychologist as soon as I could. And after being one, maybe I could work in school or else. Not by being a teacher, but by being a psychologist. It's a win-win solution, right? Amin, amin! :_)
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