Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A Reminder

Dear Ayas, or the future version of Ayas, 
There are times when you hate your life. When you perpetually compare your worst day to other people's best, or at least what appeared to be their best day based on what they post on the internet. There are moments when you abruptly forget all of the blessings that Allah has showered you with abundantly. Times when you sobbed without any obvious reason. Times when you feel like things are not going as you planned, and that you have chosen the wrong path, even though that path sure looks appealing. There are also times when you feel profoundly lost and suddenly don't know what to do. When you covet what your friends have that you don't, and feel that somehow it is unfair. 

When those days come again, please, please remind yourself to be thankful for everything that's going on in your life. There is a reason behind everything, and there are good things waiting for you ahead - things that are already planned by Allah. And remember that you'll be just fine, no matter what. 

And please remember that about two years ago, Aa Gym, a prominent Islamic preacher, told you this in one of his speeches: 

"If you want to be truly happy, you have to learn to feel happy for other people's blessings."

And lastly, please do remember that some of your friends also covet what you have. That it's actually humane to want things that we can't have at the moment, or to long for things that other people  have achieved. The neighbor's grass will always look greener, dear, but that shouldn't stop you from watering your lawn. 

Keep doing what you do, and make yourself and other people proud of you. No matter what the evil part of your brain think, you're doing great. And I'm proud of you. 

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