Friday, August 15, 2014

To Leave and Start Over

I will be leaving in a month. A month! In 35 days, I'm going to embark on a 15-hour flight (plus 5 hours transit) solitarily to Manchester and live in York; a small, beautiful city in Yorkshire, England. It's a one-way trip, so anything could happen. 

I have mixed feelings about my departure. It's exciting, of course, knowing that I'm going to visit Europe and stay for a year. Not everyone gets a chance to pursue her/his dream to study abroad without paying a penny, and hence I feel really grateful.  The timetable that has just published by the faculty gets me even more excited, knowing that I'm going to go back to school soon. Furthermore, being able to start over and stay in a place where no one knows me is always something that I want to experience. I'm immensely enthusiastic!

"Everybody has to leave their home and come back so they can love it again for all new reasons." - Donald Miller. 
But being the worrywart and overthinker that I always am, of course I'm also worried about my adjustment there. Will I be able to follow the class and thrive? Will I have new friends? Will I really feel happy to be away from home for the first time? Will everything turn out as I planned? Will I be just fine? 

No matter what happen, I am sure that the next 12 months will be one of the most significant chapters of my life. It could change me, even. At least I'll learn to be really independent and responsible. To be stong enough to stand on my own feet. I will also definitely learn about tolerance and about being a "second-class citizen" - a minority. 

To an amazing, brand new journey. No matter how many "what if-s" popped up in my head, I'm pretty sure that I'll be alright. 

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