Sunday, August 10, 2014

To Embark on A Trip

Up until this year, I didn't know that traveling can really boost up my mood. That it can really make me happy. Well apparently it does, especially when there's a chance for me to be in solitude. Just me and nature, or alone around some strangers who speak languages that I do not.

I thought I don't like to travel, but it turns out that I actually do, as long as I'm going to somewhere beautiful, with the right people to travel with.

I've been trying to cut myself a break and to enjoy my youth - to forget those prolonged apprehensions for awhile. Because worrying about them all the time won't make them solved and me feel better.

How great is Our Creator who designed these beautiful views?

Looking forward to another new experiences. I must see a lot of new places around Europe next year!
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