Saturday, June 14, 2014

Why Blog?

It has been almost 7 years since I first posted my first blog posting (which I have hidden as a draft). My blog, this blog, has been a very pleasant place to express my feeling; my ups and my downs, my bliss and insecurities. 

When I first started it, weblog was a hit. Everyone had it. Everyone posted regularly; weekly, at least. Everyone read everybody else's blogs, and commented. Nowadays, almost everyone has moved to a simpler social-networking sites to share about their daily lives. Almost everyone, but those who has needs to write in longer sentences in order to keep themselves sane, like me (even though I'm also a social-network junkie). But since then, since people stop leaving comments, I have been taking this blog as a more personal space. There are statistics, but I always thought that they are just numbers. They're just random people, strangers, wandering around because they're trying to find something on Google and ending up visiting my place. And it's okay.

That's why, it always feels surprising and embarrassing to hear "I read your blog" came out of a friend or an acquaintance's mouth. I do post a lot of personal stuffs, and it feels weird to realize that people read it. I'm the kind of person who blogs to express, not to impress. It's okay, actually, but sometimes I feel naked when someone said that, especially someone who does not have a blog (so I know nothing about him/her, yet he/she have known so much about me already).

But despite of that, I feel really thankful that I have a blog, and that I have been blogging consistently for the last 7 years. This blog helps me grow, write, think, dream, and cope. This blog helps me disclose and remember. This blog even helps me improve my English.

To the next 7 years or more. To new chapters in my life. To endings and beginnings.

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