Saturday, July 12, 2014

About A Young Girl and A Couple

A couple came to a dinner, along with their three lovely children. The husband went straight to see his friends, who invited him to the dinner. The husband talked with his friends, laughed happily, and ate together with them. The wife took cake of the children. The wife sat with all of them in the corner, fed them, and saw them play. The wife sat there for a few hours, waiting for the husband to finish his little reunion.

A young girl, who apparently knew nothing about life, observed. Don't get her wrong - she is not a feminist who doesn't want to do the "woman-part" at home. There was nothing wrong with what the wife did, she thought. But she just doesn't want to grow like that.

She wants to be a wife that can be her husband's friends' friend. She wants to be a wife that can be involved in her husband's life. She wants to be a wife whose husband involves her in his life, and wants to be involved in her life as well. 

If that's not too much to ask. 

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